TPE disposable gloves with stretch properties and puncture resistance and good abrasion resistance.

Product manual[product name] TPE gloves[specification and model] S.M.LSkuSizeColorPackagePackingCarton DimensionCPGH10004 S Clear100pcs/box,40boxes/ctn260*130*35mm535*420*265mmCPGH10005 M Clear100pcs/box,40boxes/ctn260*130*35mm535*420*265mmCPGH10006 L Clear100pcs/box,40boxes/ctn260*130*35mm535*420*2

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Product manual
[product name] TPE gloves
[specification and model] S.M.L
SkuSizeColorPackagePackingCarton Dimension
CPGH10004 S Clear100pcs/box,40boxes/ctn260*130*35mm535*420*265mm
CPGH10005 M Clear100pcs/box,40boxes/ctn260*130*35mm535*420*265mm
CPGH10006 L Clear100pcs/box,40boxes/ctn260*130*35mm535*420*265mm
CPGH20004 S Clear200pcs/box,10boxes/ctn239*122*65mm335*250*258mm
CPGH20005 M Clear200pcs/box,10boxes/ctn239*122*65mm335*250*258mm
CPGH20006 L Clear200pcs/box,10boxes/ctn239*122*65mm335*250*258mm

[product characteristic]
1. It can be processed by general thermoplastic molding machine without special processing equipment.
2. Production efficiency has been greatly improved. It can be directly vulcanized by rubber injection molding machine, and the time is shortened from about 20 minutes to less than 1 minute; because the curing time required is very short, it can be directly vulcanized by extruder, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
3. Easy to recycle and reduce cost. The waste produced in the process of production (escaping burr and extruding waste rubber) and the final waste products can be directly returned for reuse; the used TPE products can be simply recycled and then recycled to reduce environmental pollution and expand the source of renewable resources.
4. Energy saving. Most of thermoplastic elastomers do not need vulcanization or vulcanization time is very short, which can effectively save energy. Take the energy consumption of high-pressure hose production as an example: rubber is 188mj / kg, TPE is 144mj / kg, which can save energy by more than 25%.
5. It has a wider range of applications. Because TPE has the advantages of both rubber and plastics, it opens up a new application field for rubber industry.
6.It can be used to strengthen and toughen plastics. It has the advantages of high self reinforcing, simple formulation, little influence of complex on polymer, and easy to master the quality and performance. However, the heat resistance of TPE is not as good as that of rubber. With the increase of temperature, the physical properties of TPE decrease greatly, so its application scope is limited. At the same time, the compression deformation, elastic recovery and durability of rubber are relatively poor, and the price is often higher than that of similar rubber. However, the advantages of TPE are still very prominent, and various new TPE products are constantly developed. As a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection rubber raw material, the development prospect is very good.

Transparent series

Product performance: good transparency, elasticity and relatively low price, with broad design space.

Application scope of transparent series: high grade, high transparent toys, adult products, sucker materials, sports equipment and sealing ring, etc.

Product performance: wide range of hardness, from super soft to 90a. Excellent transparency, gloss, and comfortable feel, widely used in adult products. It has good UV resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance, and is used outdoors for a long time.

TPE gloves are waterproof, oil proof, acid and alkali resistant, anti bacteria, non-toxic and tasteless, disposable, hygienic and environmental protection, applicable scope: food processing, hotel catering, family cleaning, tourism dinner, beauty salon, industrial and agricultural work and protection, scientific research, electronic industry and other disposable gloves or medical gloves.
1. TPE glove material is more flexible and flexible than ordinary PE plastic glove.
2. The embossing is more fine and does not stick to the hand. The hand feels soft and smooth.
3. Easier to wear, good adhesion, and softer fist clenching.
4. It does not contain any natural latex ingredients, has no allergic reaction to human skin, is not easy to break, and has full elasticity.
5. It is strong and durable, and can replace latex gloves in some fields, with low price and recyclable.

TPE Disposable Gloves, with Tensile Properties and Puncture Resistance and Good Wear Resistance.


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